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New Mega Case

We have changed our Mega Case for 2017 and you now get the following items:
1 x 500ml Detailer Spray, Wheel Cleaner, Snowfoam, Shampoo plus, Tar Remover, Rinse & Seal, Iron Remover, Glass Cleaner/Rain Repellent, tyre Dressing.
1 x 250ml liquid Wax, Interior Trim Detailer, Interior Glass Cleaner.
2 x 380GSM microfibres.
1 x Microfibre Wash Mitt.
1 x Microfibre Weave Drying towel.
1 x 40cm x 40cm edgeless 1000gsm plush Microfibre Cloth.
1 x 40cm x 40cm edged 1000gsm plush Microfibre cloth.
1 x lanyard - random colour
1 x triple pack Air Fresheners - random selection
1 x large Windscreen sticker - random colour


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